High School Scholarships

The aim of the scholarships are to assist local secondary students with the costs of attending school.

Each Scholarship is for a year 7 student and runs until the end of year 9. Each awardee receives $1000 per year for three years. In the following year there will be another three scholarships awarded, so that at any one time we have up to nine students receiving money.

The scholarships are meant to reward local students for their attendance, achievements, and participation in school and community activities. They are not solely judged on academic performance but are meant to encourage those young people with a zest for participation.

The Rotary Club of Boulder has been privileged to have three people that have been instrumental in ensuring the success and longevity of the Radio Auction. They are David James, David Kennedy and Mark Bailey.

david jamesDavid James was one of the originators of the Radio Auction in 1985 and since that time has been Auctioneer for all auctions with the exception of two. David grew up in Kalgoorlie Boulder and knows the local community very well. People are always amazed that David could recall them when they rang in to make a bid on some items. His auction skills and his dedication to Radio Auction has been a large part of the success of this important community fundraiser. David is a Past President, Paul Harris Fellow and Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Boulder.

david kennedyDavid Kennedy worked at Radio West when the Radio Auction first started and his on air partnership with David James was as seamless as it was legendary. I am sure he attracted many more listeners, and hence bidders to the Auction. He was made an Honorary Member and Paul Harris Fellow of the Rotary Club of Boulder because of the dedication and skills he bought to the Auction. David passed away in February 2010 but his contribution and enthusiasm for this club activity will always be remembered.

mark baileyMark Bailey‘s contribution to the Radio Auction has been as the computer whiz working behind the scenes. When we first started the Auction personal computers were not readily available. Mark took on the computerisation of the event, wrote the program that was used for many years and flew in from Hong Kong or Mongolia each year to operate the systems. Mark is an Honorary Member and Paul Harris Fellow because of his contribution to the Auction.

To honour and thank these three gentlemen for their outstanding service, in a way that reflects their generosity of spirit, it was decided to award three scholarships named after them to local students.

The Boulder Rotary David James Educational Encouragement Scholarship for John Paul College.

The Boulder Rotary David Kennedy Educational Encouragement Scholarship for the Kalgoorlie–Boulder Community High School.

The Boulder Rotary Mark Bailey Educational Encouragement Scholarship for the Goldfields Baptist College.

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